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ZEN Garden News

Welcome to the ZEN Garden, your gateway to a thriving edible educational landscape.  This space is dedicated to fostering a healthier lifestyle within our community by providing a place to learn, grow, and connect through gardening.  


Our garden plots are rented out by community members for the growing season, from March to November.  Each plot represents the hard work and dedication of its gardener, so please respect their efforts and refrain from taking anything from the plots.  


In the near future, we will host farmers' markets and community days where you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables directly from our garden.  Stay tuned for updates and sign up for our email list below to be the first to know about upcoming events and opportunities at the ZEN Garden.   

Join us in cultivating a healthier, more connected community.  Welcome to the ZEN Garden!  

Meet Leon White, Garden Captain

Leon White serves on our Leadership team and fulfills the role of our ZEN's Garden For The Community Garden Captain.  He is also a fulfillment life coach, speaker, YouTuber and likes plants.  His passion for growing plants organically is unmatched and his growth in horticulture knowledge has grown in just one year.  He is always full of ideas on how to make the community garden more effective and we are so lucky to have him apart of our team.

Coming Soon


If you have any questions about the community garden or just want to be a part of our email list, fill out the information below and we hope to meet you soon at ZEN's Garden For The Community!!

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